What is the difficulty level of Bhrigu Lake Trek?

Brighu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake is straightforward to moderate level trek and normally, we propose this trek to the beginners who has good fitness level and walking stamina (5 Km in 30 mins)

Brighu lake is exceptional in many ways. It is in Himachal Pradesh that resembles greenery and serene landscapes at every step. Apart from that is a house of excellence surrounded around an alpine lake. Frozen lake, reflecting lake, the emerald lake you call it anything you will find everything on this remarkable trek.

The Brighu trek begins from the Himachal Pradhesh’s highly popular tourist place Manali. From Manali, it is only 20km to Gulaba. Gulaba is another tourists place hence it is crowded with vehicles. The hiking on the first day is short that gives you enough time to enjoy camping in the lush and eye-soothing meadows of Himachal. After a peaceful night at the wonderful meadows, it will be time to move forward to a more vibrant and lively place.

The entire trail is moderately difficult with big mountain views all the time. You will encounter huge herds of sheep with their shepherds. During the summertime of April to June end the shepherds move on high places with their animals for grazing. These shepherds are welcoming, friendly and the true explorers of the mountains. There will be cows and sheeps eating grasses at distant slopes which will make you to jealous of their agility.

The whole trek is just green and soul relaxing. From the last campsite, there will be traces of snow. This will be the complete opposite of what you had been experiencing so far. Even in the June end there will deep loose snow. You must be prepared with gaiters and crampons to tackle the hard and loose snow. After a strainful and long hike, the lake finally comes to visibility. It is a big relief.

The lake sits calmly under moving clouds, gushing winds and changing hues of the background. In winters it is monotonous blue-white which transforms into the Avatar world lively and chirpy. It is believed that below the lake, behind the cliff is Hampta Pass trail. See that is how Hampta pass is related to the stunning Brighu lake trek. 

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